Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Get the Picture?

Who says that politically provocative observations can't be fun? Try your hand at this game called What's Wrong With This Picture?

After looking at the pictures above, choose all the correct statements below.
a) The people have brown or black skin.

b) The people have been villified by the US government.

c) The people are victims of the "War on _____"

c) The people have been forcefully displaced by US actions.

d) The U.S. Government killed women and children in their communities.

e) Bush Administration provides criminally negligent relief efforts in their country.

f) Relief efforts and rebuilding in their communities are "privatized" by corporations like Haliburton with ties to the Administration.

g) Bush cronies will profiteer from the destruction and suffering of their communities.

h) The media repeats the lies and spin of the Administration.

i) The American people allow the incompetence to continue.

j) All of the above.

If you chose j) All of the above, you are clearly paying attention. Now please go tell all your friends and let's 1) create change by providing real relief to the suffering of these people and 2) kick these criminals out of Washington DC before they kill more people!

Thanks for playing!


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